Book Review - The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson

One of the fun parts about being an author is book marketing. I've been trying to "teach" Amazon what category my "Noah Drake And The Dragon" series belongs to and what other series are similar. This means I get to read some great books! The most recent is titled The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson.

The Door Within Book CoverNow, I don't know about you, but it seems like I have trouble starting new books. It takes a little bit for me to get into a new world. If it's the second book in a series that I already enjoy, that's different. I already love the characters and their world so I know it's going to be good. But when I start a new series, sometimes it takes me a little longer. I regret it took me so long to get into The Door Within. Not that it's written badly, it's written very well! But I started it two different times because I tried to get my family listen to it with me. (Sorry, I forgot to mention that we listened to the audio book, I don't have the paper copy of it yet.) The audio book is read by the author and he does a terrific job. He even throws in different dialects depending on when and where we're at in the story.

You see, The Door Within parallels the story of The Bible. Our main character, Aidan Thomas, finds the sacred scrolls of Alleble. He discovers "the story" of the king of Alleble and how he was "overthrown" by his number one guard, or you could say angel, Paragor. Kind of like how the devil attempted to overthrow God in The Bible.

So our main character, Aidan, comes across the scrolls that tell "the story". Aidan soon realizes that many people know "the story" of Alleble, just not many people believe that it's real. In fact, Aidan's parents are very doubtful on the truth of Alleble. But Aidan's Grampin believes. In fact, he encourages Aidan to visit the realm told about in the scrolls.

With some guidance, and some faith, Aidan enters the realm of Alleble. You could say it's a parallel world to ours. It's kind of like a spiritual version of our world. It's nothing evil. Its more like a heaven, but it's not heaven. That's where citizens of Alleble (and Christian humans) go when they die. Alleble is where the story takes place. It's the battlefield, if you will, where Aidan Thomas faces Paragor, the enemy of the king of Alleble.

LARPing with my boys
LARPing (AKA play sword fighting) with my boys

My youngest son has really been into medieval stuff lately. (Note the old picture of us sword fighting.)  He would love The Door Within. As a matter of fact, he asked me about the story while I listened to the final chapters of the audiobook the other day. I tried to keep it from him, because I didn't want him to tune in at the end of the book. Plus I didn't want audible to mix up my listening point if he were to start listening at the beginning.

I so often default to comparing things to Lord of the Rings when it comes to Medieval lore. It's so easy to say this is like a young read for those who like Lord of the Rings. But maybe I should compare it to something else. We could liken it to The Chronicles of Narnia. Like Alleble, Narnia is another world, separate from ours. Either way, the soldiers wear suits of armor in Alleble. Their special soldiers also carry fantastic swords. Aidan becomes the Twelfth Night for a special force for the king of Alleble. He's just a young boy, but he's a special boy that has been gifted with talents that will help the King's Army to win.

Your children will love The Door Within. It's about the fact that there is grace from a God who loves us. It also shares how we are all special in God's eyes. It tells how we all have tasks to do while we're living, and how we can help those around us to enter into The Kingdom of our king. It's an awesome parable of the Bible and Christianity, plus it's a fun story!

I don't want to give away more of the story. I'm not big on spoilers and it seems like it's easy to spoil the story if I go further into details. I will tell you that I am ready to read the second book in the series! It's titled Rise Of The Wyrm Lord. In fact, I would probably be reading it already, except one of the problems with book marketing. I already purchased my next book to read, and its another series to start! I'm sure it will be good, but i'll unfortunately have to wait to complete this series.

I highly recommend the door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson. It's an awesome book, your whole family will enjoy it, and it may even help you grow in your walk with The Lord! Get a copy today!

Ben Russell - CreationTales.comBen Russell is author of "Noah Drake And The Dragon Killer". He writes Juvenile/Middle Grade Fiction Adventures. He's not a scientist or a doctor of history; he's just a guy that's interested in those subjects. He's very interested in creation. His inner child gets excited about dinosaurs and the idea that they're not millions of years old. He despises the theory of evolution, believing it's a stumbling block to the Christian faith. Ben is a family man. He and his lovely wife have four happy kids and they make their home among the roaming hills of the Missouri Ozarks.


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Book Review - The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson

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Book Review - The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson