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If you read the book of John you'll find a story of a man that was born blind. Jesus came across him and began a fantastic miracle, opening the man's eyes so he could see. As the man continued his day, others who knew him were amazed that he could see. They asked, "What happened?" But they couldn't believe the truth. Eventually the man wound up at the council of the Pharisees because people couldn't comprehend the fantastic miracle.

The whole concept reminds me of the Creation VS Evolution debate today.  Everyone is taught, from a very young age, that he earth is billions of years old, that dinosaurs were wiped out by the Ice Age and that God doesn't really exist.

When the formerly blind man was taken to the Pharisees he was insulted.  The Jewish leaders also put down Jesus saying he was not from God. "We know that God has spoken to Moses. But as for this man, we don’t know where he comes from.” (John 9:29 WEB)

The healed man marveled at their unbelief. “How amazing! You don’t know where he comes from, yet he opened my eyes. Since the world began it has never been heard of that anyone opened the eyes of someone born blind. If this man were not from God, he could do nothing.” (John 9:30,32-33 WEB)

The same scenario still plays out today. Scholars still can't understand Jesus, despite the plethora of historical evidence. They don't believe it. Even further, they reject the teachings from the Bible: man being born from Adam and Eve, an earth that is about 6,000 years old, a great flood that changed the earth and started the lineage of man over.  It doesn't compute and it doesn't fit with common knowledge.

Isn't it amazing? No matter what facts we present to the scientific community, they continue to be willfully ignorant of the truth. Science can prove that the theory of evolution is wrong, yet scholars still believe it. History records the story of creation and man, yet historians reject it. Paleontologists continue searching for a missing link to "Lucy", but they just can't fill in the gaps. How marvelous is the unbelief!

The older I get the more it seems that things don't really change. The same problems that plagued people thousands of years ago continue today. Knowledge has multiplied and continues to grow, but are we any smarter than our forefathers? I used to think we were because we've learned so much in the past hundred years. We've built computers, automobiles, airplanes, indoor plumbing and electricity and a whole host of things that dramatically change the way people live. However, people haven't changed. Knowledge, in general, has not changed.

Do you marvel at the words I've written?  Then do your research.  Look up the physical evidence from a worldwide flood.  Geologists can show how limestone is a byproduct of flooding.  Did you know that the Midwest is covered in a giant layer of limestone?  Clam fossils are found around the globe that are sealed shut.  Did you know clams open up when they die? Dinosaurs are claimed to have died out millions of years ago, carbon dating tells us so.  Did you know there is historical evidence that tells us otherwise.

Science changes.  It's become another religion that ebbs and flows with culture. The Bible doesn't change.  One Psalmist put it best when he marveled "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."

Ben Russell - CreationTales.comBen Russell is author of "Noah Drake And The Dragon Killer". He writes Juvenile/Middle Grade Fiction Adventures. He's not a scientist or a doctor of history; he's just a guy that's interested in those subjects. He's very interested in creation. His inner child gets excited about dinosaurs and the idea that they're not millions of years old. He despises the theory of evolution, believing it's a stumbling block to the Christian faith. Ben is a family man. He and his lovely wife have four happy kids and they make their home among the roaming hills of the Missouri Ozarks.