Visiting A Planetarium

While on vacation recently in Utah we patronized a local planetarium!  The exhibits were great.  There were lots of hands on electronics and even video games to promote space and how the earth was formed.  We got to see real meteorites, explore our weight on different planets and deflect earth-killing asteroids with video games.

But it was upsetting that there was absolutely no science, or even thought to promote, the idea that the earth was designed and created by God.  Don't you think it's worth promoting a created earth, even if it's in a tiny corner of the huge planetarium?  

I guess it really got me when the movie we watched used the exact same language that teacher Kent Hovind makes fun of when he teases about how we were all made from rocks. The movie spoke about how this primordial soup was the beginning of our existence.  First there was nothing, then there was gas, then there were oceans, then there was life.  Sorry, I don't buy it.

Anyway, the planetarium was fun.  We got to see a star map and hear an explanation of the stars and their formations prior to the movie.  I also got inspired with lots of electronic exhibits.  Some of them could be really cool at a creation museum!