(Is it bad that Will Smith's Summer Time song still rings in my memory when I think about summer?)

I sure hope you're enjoying your summer!  We have been to Gramee's pool as much as possible and I'm doing my best to not work outside too much.  (I'm so sorry if you have to work in this heat and humidity.  If so, please enjoy your local pool!)

During my last email I mentioned that I was participating in a couple of summer book giveaways during July and August.  Well, the giveaways are officially open!  So, this email is packed with some great links to feed your summer reading habits!  Plus, a little extra that my family and I put together.


I've been working on a special activity kit that you can download to use along with the Noah Drake And The Dragon Book series.  I'm happy to say it's finally done!  You'll find coloring pages, dot-to-dot sheets, mazes (my daughter loves these), cutouts and more.  

Please download this activity set and let me know what you think!  http://eepurl.com/dBuLcD


I have teamed up with a number of independent authors in this "Big Summer Holiday" Giveaway for children.  There are lots of great reads here for kids of all ages, and best of all these books are all FREE!  Grab some good looking downloads and kick back at the pool!  


This is another author book giveaway I've joined.  You'll find more FREE reads here, but they're not all for your kids.  There's a good assortment for Adults too!  Best of all, they're all Christian.  

There's a total of 50 FREE books you can download!  Plus the free Noah Drake And The Dragon Activity Set!  Grab some freebies and enjoy!  
God bless,
Ben Russell