Genesis Paradise Lost Movie

If you're behind the times, like I am right now, then you likely haven't heard about the new movie "Genesis, Paradise Lost" coming to theaters in less than two weeks! I vaguely remember hearing about this project a couple years ago, but I'm not even sure this is the same movie I think I remember! Although, it has been in production for five years!

Book Review - Kingdom's Dawn - Book 1 in the Kingdom Series

 Kingdom's Dawn reminds us that we are here for a reason. It's a Bible Allegory, meaning that it retells the history of the Bible in a fictional way. You'll see loads of Bible parallels. Even the name of the kingdom, Arrethtrae, gives a glimpse into reality. Turn the word around and it reads Earth terra, the kingdom we were given by God!

Kingdom's Dawn is definitely a story for boys. That doesn't mean girls won't like it, but the action, fight scenes and mayhem is more what boys like to read.

Book Review - Foundlings, Book 1 in The Peleg Chronicles


Lord Of The Rings Meets The Bible

- that was my first impression as I read through this great book for middle grade readers! It's titled "Foundlings" and it's book one in the Peleg Chronicles" from author Matthew Christian Harding.

Foundlings Author, Matthew Christian Harding

This is, first of all, a Christian book! Characters often stir themselves up with scripture from the Bible or hymns that praise God.  They run into obvious challenges and violence, but there's no language, no bad situations and the characters are a lot of fun!

Why I Write And Teach Creation Science


In today's world there are so many things fighting against the Christian faith. Statistics seem to scream at us about how youth are leaving the church in droves, once they're old enough to go out on their own.

My desire, in teaching creation science, is to break down barriers that sometimes make God and His Word confusing. For example, we are taught about Evolution in all walks of life: school, entertainment, history and more. It's just understood by everyone that evolution is a fact. We're told that in the beginning there was a big bang of energy that somehow created everything. We're told that life thrived for endless amounts of time (millions of years.) But then some volcano exploded, or a meteor crashed, or both things happened at the same time. It was a world changing event that destroyed much of the life on this Earth. (You know, dinosaurs, mastodons, and our ancestor named Lucy.)

2017 Eclipse Across America


The 2017 eclipse across America is almost here! I was curious about it, and thought perhaps my family and I should take part. After all, this is a rare event. Here's some of the information I have collected!

Child Training Bible


Child Training Bible

Several weeks ago my wife found this awesome chart system that could help our kids, and us, use the Bible better. There's tons of books, commentaries and systems to help you learn the Bible. But this one is not a companion book or system. It's something that plugs into your Bible and helps you use it more efficiently. It's called the Child Training Bible.

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Ben Russell

Ben Russell

I write Juvenile/Middle Grade Fiction Adventures. I'm an Author, Family Man and a Christian. I get excited about dinosaurs and the idea that they didn't evolve and then die millions of years ago.
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