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One of the leaders in homeschool curriculum is Ken Ham and the Answers In Genesis organization.  I was very doubtful of their ideas the first time I sat in one of their classes at our annual homeschool convention.  I respected their input, because it seemed to be without problem, but I was still sold on what I learned in school: the earth is millions of years old.  The problem is that Answers In Genesis (AIG) gives you so much evidence that it's hard to believe what you were taught in a government school!

Even more curious, the more I look into their stuff, the more excited I become about the potential for what they teach.  The little boy within me has risen up, the one that wants to know more about dinosaurs and discoveries.  You see, AIG likes to teach from a historical perspective along with the scientific perspective.  What I mean is they teach the history of creation and also the history of how science views it.

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The question has been raised: Is creationism credible? I can answer with a resounding YES over the Ozark Mountains, it IS credible! It's also historically accurate.  Only in recent years did society decide we're too smart to follow the historic relevance to the subject matter.

Creationism can be hard to grasp because public schools don't teach an alternative to evolution.  As a young man, I tried to combine my Christian faith with a theory of Evolution.  I considered God could have made the universe millions of years ago and things develop from there.  Many Christians still mix theologies that way.  But more and more resources are becoming available that show how a historical view is more accurate. It took me some time, but I have been sold on the idea that the earth and all that was created in it is about 6,000 years old, just like the Bible says.

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If you read the book of John you'll find a story of a man that was born blind. Jesus came across him and began a fantastic miracle, opening the man's eyes so he could see. As the man continued his day, others who knew him were amazed that he could see. They asked, "What happened?" But they couldn't believe the truth. Eventually the man wound up at the council of the Pharisees because people couldn't comprehend the fantastic miracle.

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I figured I'd share a bit from my writings this morning.  There are two young brothers in the book, Noah and Nathan.  The two both love to play a video game called Dino Rodeo.  Unfortunately they have to share the same video game system, so they argue a lot about who gets to play.  In this scene both brothers have just woke up from the first night of a camping trip, and Noah is contently playing his game.

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The book that I'm writing is about a young family that runs into some problems while trying to enjoy a vacation on Lake Champlain.  The story climaxes as they have a run-in with Champ, the legendary sea monster of the Lake. 

There have been many sightings of Champ publicly reported over the last 2 centuries.  In my story a young boy is reading a history of Champ so he knows something about where he is visiting for vacation.  The book has many of the stories of sightings from people.  I'm using real stories that I have come across, but putting them in my own words.  The following is one tale of how a boat ran into the sea monster.  This story was originally printed in a local news paper, though I haven't found the original yet.  The event is posted on many websites across the internet.  The best details seem to come from a book called "The Untold Story Of Champ".  Here is the story, in my words.  I took some license with it, but not much.

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This week was the 81st anniversary of the "Surgeon's Photograph", a picture of the Loch Ness monster that was published in the Daily Mail on April 21st 1934. The photo was eventually proven to be a fake, but it still inspires people to the idea that the Loch Ness monster could be real!  After all, Loch Ness is 24 miles long and up to 1000 feet deep.  You'd think something could live there.

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