Book Review - Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law

I was so excited to realize the potential of "Spirit Fighter", book #1 in Jerel Law's "Son of Angels, Jonah Stone Series".  It is truly a gem and I highly recommend it!

January 2019 Super Blood MoonMy family and I stayed up late Sunday night (January 20th 2019.)  You may remember it as the night that the Patriots stole the Superbowl from the Chiefs.  I remember it as the night that we all got to enjoy a super lunar eclipse.  

Book Review - Out Of The Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis

Everybody is familiar with C.S. Lewis's series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Most have seen the movies.  Some have read the entire series.

CS Lewis Is Always A Good Choice

Others, like myself, love the series so much that they own all the movies, the books and even the audiobooks.  I admit it, I love the Chronicles Of Narnia.  But even I had never read his cosmic trilogy about space exploration.  That is, until recently.

Book Review - Kingdom's Hope by Chuck Black

If you like Kingdom's Dawn, the first book from the kingdom of Arrethtrae, then you'll definitely enjoy Kingdom's Hope.  Chuck Black's second book continues an excellent story that still mirrors Bible history.  What I like so much about this series is the author's overall reminder of why we're all here, why we exist.

Why Are You Here

Book Review - The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

My oldest son started a new curriculum this year and one of the books that he's supposed to read is The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer. Being the fun Dad that I am, I thought it would be cool for the whole family to enjoy this book together. I got the audiobook from Audible and we all listened to it in the car during a family trip.

Book Review - The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson

One of the fun parts about being an author is book marketing. I've been trying to "teach" Amazon what category my "Noah Drake And The Dragon" series belongs to and what other series are similar. This means I get to read some great books! The most recent is titled The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson.

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Ben Russell

Ben Russell

I write Juvenile/Middle Grade Fiction Adventures. I'm an Author, Family Man and a Christian. I get excited about dinosaurs and the idea that they didn't evolve and then die millions of years ago.
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