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It never ceases to amaze me that the older I get the more I don't know.  For example, today Google posted a doodle celebrating the 37th anniversary of The Never Ending Story.  My first thought was "Is that movie really that old? Well, it came out when I was a kid, how old am I?"  I eventually realized that the movie was not that old (as old as I am).  It's only 22 years old, but it is based on a book that is 37 years old today.  (Still younger than me. Ugh.)


If you're about my age, you grew up with the movie The Never Ending Story.  It's just ingrained in my fiber.  I love kid movies like The Never Ending Story.  My wife thinks I'm nuts.  I will say this for her, she didn't grow up with The Never Ending Story movie.  She grew up with The Never Ending Story 2, maybe that's why she doesn't like kids movies as much as I do.  


There's just something about The Never Ending Story.  When I hear the old theme song my mind takes me to some fantasy land filled with fun, peace and flying luck dragons.  Here, click play below and turn on the music.



Sing it!  "Turn around.  Look at what you seeeeeeee, ee ee eeeee, ee ee eeee....."  Yeah, I know, the lead singer Limahl looks a little funny.  But his name still seems to fit with the story.  Sounds kind of like another bad guy.  You've got Gmork the wolf and Limahl the all powerful musician!


Anyway, did you know there was a book based on the movie?!  I had no clue!!  I should have figured though.  In homeschool circles, there's a difference between fluff books that seem to disappear over time and classic books that stand the test of time.  I'm starting to wonder if The Never Ending story is a classic book.  We shall see.  It's now on my wishlist on Amazon, though I may have to get the audio book from Audible. (Too bad my library doesn't have it.)


 I just thought I'd share the potential of a really good book with you!  It has very high ratings and even has good reviews in Christian circles (See details at ).  If you liked the original movies, you should love the book.  In fact, author Michael Ende didn't like the original movie at all.  He requested that his name not be listed in the movie credits.  If he didn't like the movie, which is a good one, then the book must be great!


So, if you're now bit by the Never Ending bug, like me, check out the book!  And let me know what you think!


You can learn more about The Never Ending Story, the Author Michael Ende, and Google's above doodle at

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